There has been a distinct lack of posts over the past three months which I can only apologise for. So this will have to a big catch up on everything that I’ve been up to.

So let’s start with the main reason as to why there has been a prolonged silence, I got a job! It’s an hour commute which takes quite the chunk out of my day and by the time I get home I’m to exhausted to think let alone try to write. So there’s my first excuse.

I’ve also been travelling around the country a lot, seeing friends and celebrating family birthdays, there really hasn’t been a second to stop.

Finally, I just forgot.

So here’s the literary side to what’s been going on, I’ve been long-listed for two poetry competitions but nothing came of one and the other is still in the pipeline. I have been writing but no where nearly as much as I should, mainly I’ve been reading because I wanted to get back into reading more. I’ve read a couple of poetry books and also been loving the Fairy Loot book boxes which have had some great books in as well as cute bits and bobs.

I’m planning on buying a house so currently trying to save up for a deposit, things have been pretty stressful with everything that’s been going on but I know that if I keep trying to make it the best I can then it’ll work out.

So I’ve decided to adapt my weekly challenge (as that’s just too frequent at the moment) to a monthly challenge. I’m going to write a poem for each month of the year, I’ve already written one’s for January and February so will update you with those on another post.

Until then



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