Writing Challenge #6

Tea Time

Evening all, it is Friday once again, I swear it comes around faster each week. I’ve been a tad under the weather this week which has stopped me from my usual gym sessions and so I’ve been cooped up on the sofa, blanket wrapped and full of tea, working away on my laptop.

And though many would see this as favourable, I get a tad restless and have been going a bit stir crazy these past few days. Also, I somehow managed to forget about this blog post, so I apologise about it being a tad rushed.

Before we begin I recommend you put the kettle on, and make yourself a cuppa.

All Time Favourite

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 4th annual Superior Beverage Ball, I want to thank you all for coming and please enjoy the night!” the Earl declared, he stood proud, his shoulders pulled back to push his chest out, like a mating bird. He’d been liberal with the bergamot tonight, it’s floral notes lingered around him in a 5 foot radius. He’d hoped the sweet scent would entice the Lady Grey, so probably applied more than was necessary.
The Earl scoped the room, it was abuzz, everyone had made an appearance for appearances sake, of course. Many of the guests detested each other, the blend, overall, was disgusting, and yet they still attended mainly so that they could be in for a chance of winning the title of All Time Favourite. The night bubbled on and chatter swirled the room on taffeta skirts and silk suits. All were dressed decadently to highlight their most attractive features, Gyokuro wore a floor length jade kimono that dipped at the back to reveal the pattern in white paint on her pale skin; Narcissus was decked out in a sooty grey suit which complemented the rich tones in his sun-kissed skin; and though there were many rare and beautiful candidates for the award there was one who was a shoe in: Camellia.
Camellia dressed the same each year, a knee length black dress, her black hair tied in a conservative bun, complementing her milky skin. She was beautiful in the conventional way, she was subtle, never overpowering and was liked by all. The Earl liked to label her as unoffensive, which was accurate in everyone’s opinion.
The clock struck 8, time for the big reveal. The Earl cleared his throat, “May I have your attention please,” the room settled and a simmer of excitement arose. “It is time for the main event, in this envelope I have the name of Britain’s All Time Favourite, though all of you were fantastic candidates the winner is…” The Earl paused for dramatic effect as he opened the envelope, “Camellia.” A slow clap flooded the room, Camellia gave a small smile to the crowd and shook The Earls hand. “Congratulations Camellia, again, four years in a row, that’s really something.” The Earl had hoped that this would be his year but somewhere inside him he had always known that the masses would choose Camellia over him any day, he took his defeat with a pinch of sugar and told himself that next year he would try again.

I’m all tea’d out now! I hope you like my unusual take on a tea themed tale. If any of you are wondering who Camellia is then let me tell you:  Camellia sinensis  is the shrub that black tea leaves grow on. So I named our unoffensive dame Camellia. I’m more of an Earl Grey girl myself but the masses tend to agree that black tea is best. Ah well.

Now then, at that I’m going to go to bed.



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