It’s all about Tea

Something’s Brewing …

Lately I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with tea, the different leaves, where the different types originate from and how specific blends create such soothing elixirs. In Britain there isn’t much that can’t be solved by putting the kettle on and sitting down to a cup of tea, and though we are famed for our love of it, we’re not particularly adventurous in our flavours. Herbal teas are usual deemed too fancy or flowery and so many will stick to their builders brew. Frankly, this is a massive shame, tea leaves are incredibly versatile and specific blends can aid your health in various ways. My love of tea grew during my time in Japan, all the convenience stores stocked shelves upon shelves of various teas, iced, hot and tea bags. Granted, some were much better than others but the sheer choice was a luxury, if you go into a corner shop in Britain there are very few teas available.

I’m currently interested in blending my own tea and experimenting with flavours, and all this talk of tea inspired my weekly challenge. This week I will be writing a short piece of fiction with tea as the main theme.

I’m going to go make a cuppa whilst I brew over some ideas.



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