Writing Challenge #5

Escaping my Universe

Currently I feel as though I am trapped in a vortex that is on a never ending repeat. I’m not sure where I feel most comfortable and then I feel guilty for wanting to be somewhere else. It’s a never ending cycle, of feeling uprooted and aimless. I need to set my feet on soil that will keep me sane, and I’m not sure if that’s where I am currently. My past has been speckled with issues due to my mental health and the minute I feel like I’m in a good place it dips again. This time I have currently, that I needed to focus on myself, has been stolen away, I wanted to put everything I had into my future job prospects and now I feel as though I’m in a snow-globe, every time I try to catch a snowflake someone shakes it. I have always had a project, volunteer work or a job, I’m not used to this sensation of having all the passion but no opportunity, it makes my muscles twitch. All I want right now is to go back in time to the place where I was the happiest, but we all know that won’t happen unless someone is willing to build me a time machine. So I will escape my universe through words, bury myself beneath them until the storm clears and it’s safe again.

Rant over, I apologise, moving on to this weeks challenge!

I have completed the Shadorma and must say I really enjoy forms that have specific syllabic rules, the method of counting things out seems to soothe me (which was greatly needed this week) So here it is:

Universe on my Nails

Ten digits
pale pebbles ready
for a change.
The abyss:
Neptune notes in inky blue,
the first to arrive.

I brought smooth
midnight seashells to
my peach lips,
ready now,
for a sprinkling of pearly
white constellations.

At least I can have the universe on my nails when I feel lost and in pain, a chance to escape and stare at the stars.




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