A little late…

Life gets in the way

This week I haven’t kept to my blogging plan. It seems life (and a cold) caused a bit of disruption to my schedule this week. But what can we do? I’ve been working on a children’s story, which is approximately 1/2 written and barely illustrated. I’ve been doing lots of research for various projects, and saw the most recent Thor film (which was definitely a welcome break). To top off a busy week, I’ve come down with a cold (cue the self-pity and sniffling) which, although many assume is not the end of the world, seems to have rendered my brain practically useless. Alas I prosper on.

Therefore, today I am going to do a special weekly challenge!

I actually found the inspiration for this challenge on Pinterest which led me to Spinning Jenni. The idea of this weeks challenge is to go to page 51 of the closest book to you and use the first line as the opening of your scene.

This immediately appealed to me as the closest book to me is “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” by Douglas Adams. You can imagine my excitement. I picked up my browning second hand copy and as I flicked through the pages that old book smell managed to waft up to my blocked nose (which is extremely impressive). When I reached page 51 I was not disappointed, the first line of the page is:

“Zaphod stared at him as if he expected a cuckoo to leap out of his forehead on a small spring.” 

And so, today I will attempt to write a short excerpt with the above as the opening line. I’m giving myself until 10pm.

Wish me luck!



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