Writing Challenge #2

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, tonight we will be delving into my second writing challenge, the elegent Nonet. I enjoyed this challenge, and spent the majority of it counting to nine multiple times. So I will delay us no further, may I present to you : Falling.


The sun has slipped beneath the blankets,

Snuffed out just as the moon arrived,

Dogs howled at her departure.

False idols took her place.

Thoughts became heavy.

I’m floating but

My head is

A lead …


This poem was so much fun to write, I wanted to mimic the idea of something descending.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Let me know if you’ve ever written, or even heard of a nonet before! What do you find interesting about the form?

Now I’ll have to excuse myself, all this counting has made me rather sleepy.



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