Writing Challenge #1

Flash Fiction Challenge

I have officially completed my first challenge. I’m not 100% certain I enjoyed writing it. I’m also not 100% certain it classifies as ‘Flash Fiction’ but I’ll let you be the judge of that. In my opinion it’s clumsy, rushed and not my finest work but hey ho! I managed to keep within my limit of 250 words by 1, with the finished piece coming in at 249.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Will-o’ the Wisps

Each second passed in slow motion, my heart pounded and I attempted to stabilise my erratic breathing. They’d appeared, again. The last time was the day before my mother died. I was seven, she had terminal cancer, Lymphoma, I think, but no one wanted to talk about it around me. Her greying skin pulled taut over her cheekbones, her once bright eyes lost their focus, and I couldn’t watch, so I ran. There was an old trail behind the row of houses, in daylight dog walkers and cyclists frequented the muddy path, sheltered somewhat by Oak trees. At night foxes paced along the route, reclaiming their territory, the trees twisted and crackled and I was seven and alone and angry. I ran until my red shoes stuck in the mud, a child’s game, but I no longer felt like a child. I remember the wind whistling and pulling at the already yellowing leaves, it plucked them one by one from the safety of their branches. I wept for them. Screamed, mourned their loss, wiped my snotty nose on my yellow sleeve and cried harder. I’m not seven anymore. I should remember to keep tissues in my bag. I don’t want to move though, I’ll scare them away and my red heels are broken, maybe it is all a game. They’re exactly the same, burn bright like the fire in the moon. They never spoke, but I heard. I’ll call Dad tomorrow, check in, see if death has visited again.


Hopefully I’ll be more successful in next weeks challenge.



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