Let the Challenge Commence

My first attempt at Flash Fiction!

I have been a busy little bee planning out ideas for 500 First Drafts! I’ve even made my own blogging schedule! (I’m very proud of this) The main element I want to include is some sort of writing challenge, every week I will attempt a piece of writing: be that poetry, fiction, script writing etc. I will update you with my struggles and what websites I found useful along the way. Each Friday I will post whatever I’ve managed to do, even if its not finished, even if I don’t like it. I can tell you’re currently questioning my reasoning/sanity. Why would I post something unfinished and poorly written? Because apparently I enjoy torturing myself … but in all seriousness, it’s to push myself outside my comfort zone. During university, we were given weekly writing tasks which forced me to write quickly and often, unfortunately over the past year I have fallen out of this habit, and the best way to get good at something is to do it over and over and over and over and over until your fingers hurt and the sound of the tippity tappity keys on your laptop make you want to scream …

Ah hem.

Allow me the dramatics, I’m a writer, I can’t help myself. Anywho, back to the matter at hand, this Friday I will be posting my first writing challenge which is:

(drum roll please)


No not Flash the superhero (although he would be awfully fun to write about) I mean a short-short-story, like fewer words than this post kind of story – more specifically I’m setting myself the grand total of 250 words. Yup, that’s right a whole story, beginning, middle and end in 250 words. I’m not exactly sure how Flash fiction began but it has gained popularity within the past 5 years or so. There are so many online competitions and examples that my eyes are feeling strained from reading off my laptop screen all day without my glasses*.

I chose this as my first challenge as it is something I have never attempted before, sure I’ve started writing short stories and given up after about 300 words and though it reads well, it’s not technically a full story, rather an excerpt. And obviously due to my lack of expertise I’ve had to do some research!

Though there seem to be many guides and explanations as to what ‘Flash Fiction’ is they all seem to differ slightly which made things pretty confusing. However on Reflex Fiction ‘Flash Fiction’ is described in multiple ways by multiple people to show how diverse it is. I think their description was the most helpful in my desperate flitting through the ever confusing land of the internet. So now I have a better idea as to what ‘Flash Fiction’ is, how on earth do I write it? Flash Fiction Online have provided 13 extremely helpful tips and tricks to condense your writing, I will be implementing these within my own challenge!

I encourage anyone and everyone to join me in my Flash Fiction challenge! Let me know how it goes!



*I lost my glasses and the prospect of having to pay for a new pair is daunting … therefore I am delaying it because adulting is hard and I’d rather the weird machine not poof air onto my eyeballs.

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