In the beginning

Words, books, life, and the bits in between.

I have been staring at that flashing black line in the midst of starkly blank pages more times than I have actually written a single word. I’m sure many writers, bloggers or anyone with a deadline can agree that that little line is the bane of your life. As dramatic as it may seem, that line represents the tick of the clock, the lack of words and that my tea is going cold. It’s persistent impatience drives me to slamming my laptop shut and I swear it feels a sense of accomplishment as I back away from the challenge once again. Alas here I am, writing, again. Taking my vorpal sword and slaying my Jabberwocky.

After spending so much time with other writers and creative people I have come to the conclusion that there is a certain condition that plagues the creative mind. It niggles at the edges until it has swaddled each thought. What is it? I hear you shouting internally at the screen. Well quiet your ever whirring mind for I assure you, you already know the answer. That is: self-doubt! And though some of you may be thinking “Ha! I’m the best writer/painter/actor/knitter/cook/creative person ever! Why would I doubt myself?” you are the few rather than the many. The very few most likely. Creating something is a very personal process, we reveal something about ourselves and this is scary. The idea of sharing our work with the masses is on par with jumping into a swimming pool of sharks with a paper cut. A terrible idea to say the least. And yet it is something most of us aspire to do.

So I invite you to join me as I write, read, laugh, and probably cry in my attempts and likely failures of getting published. Get ready for a long journey.

Let me know about your own attempts/ starts of the creative process and/or getting published! Any tips? I could use all the advise you can give!

ttfn (ta ta for now)


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